Spring is rapidly approaching and we’re all heading outdoors again! Boost your mood and your physical and mental performance as you make more time to undertake more physical activity, for example gardening. With this in mind aim to consume more foods to boost your mood, increase serotonin and promote endorphins.

Certain foods naturally enhance feel good chemicals and hormones which can further improve both vitality, perspective and general well being…  These foods naturally boost your mood and are outlined below:


ChocolateDue to the bioflavonoids and endorphins you will fell less moody- always add a protein (eg brazil nuts, almonds particularly) SaffronEnhances feel good hormones and also aids PMS.
CarbohydratesSlow release varieties e.g. porridge or mesa sunrise or with chopped nuts and fresh fruit (which improve anti-oxidants too) CoconutSuppresses fight or flight, enhances alertness but soothes our response to stress.
Fruit and VegetablesAnti-oxidants in fruit and veg.  TeaTheanine boosts both attention and focus. 


FishSalmon/Tuna/Sardines/rainbow trout. Omega 3, fatty acids in fish are associated with lower risk of depression  

Author: Amber Heath Publication: Essex Golfer Magazine Feb 2015