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Nutrition Clinic – Amber Heath

Vega / Allergy Testing

Health problems? Weight problems? Food intolerances could be spoiling your life. A Vega test may improve your overall health, fitness and energy levels. Amber Heath can test for a wide variety of different concerns. These include;

  • Vitamin / Mineral Deficiencies
  • Stressed Organs / Candida Albicans
  • Food Allergies and Intolerances
  • Mercury Toxicity and Airborne Allergies

We can also check for other digestive and health conditions, for example, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), headaches / migraines, bloating, sinusitis, eczema and chronic fatigue amongst others.

All treatments are non-invasive and provide instant, accurate results and incorporate a comprehensive dietary analysis.

Nutrition – Dietary Analysis

Do you get the most from your menu?

Whether your goal is to lose weight, bulk-up, enhance energy levels, detoxify or improve your vitamin and mineral status Amber Heath can help you. The dietary analysis aims to enhance your health by giving practical advice in order to achieve your goals.

Amber Heath’s Nutritional Clinic also holds a complete range of nutritional supplements

Consultation Prices

Full nutritional consultation including food intolerance / allergy testing for those aged 17 years and over £85.00

Full nutritional consultation including food intolerance / allergy testing for those aged 5-16 years £65.00

Full nutritional consultation including food intolerance / allergy testing for those aged under 5 years £60.00

One hour check up appointments:  those aged 17 years and over £55.00 / aged 5-16 years £47.50 / under 5 years 40.00

30 minute check up appointments: those aged 17 and over £35.00 / aged 5-16 years £35.00 / under 5 years £30.00

Gift Vouchers also available

About Amber Heath

Business associate.

Amber Heath is a fully qualified Nutritional Consultant, practising in Springfield, Chelmsford. Amber presents Nutrition Lectures, holds discussion groups and one to one private consultations. The goal is to promote optimal nutritional health through personalised nutritional programmes, and to improve awareness of the immense benefits of eating for health.

One to one consultations cover food intolerance / allergy testing to identify foods to which your body is incompatible, and advises how to improve vitamin and mineral deficiencies, promote digestive health and enhance energy levels.

Specialist dietary programmes have also been devised for athletes, footballers, cricketers, golfers and snooker players!

Amber Heath has provided nutritional support and advice to:

  • Ipswich Town Football Club
  • Derby County Football Club
  • Southampton Football Club
  • Essex County Cricket Club
  • Fitness First / Cannons Health and Fitness Gym
  • Joice Maduaka (runner)
  • Mark King (Snooker)
  • Vicky Dunn (Judo)
  • Marcus Bent, Darren Bent, Bradley Wright–Phillips, Stern John, Jim Magilton and Titus Bramble (Football)
  • Fremantle Media: Production Company for X Factor, Pop Idol and The Apprentice
  • English Golf Union

Amber advises clients with various health concerns from weight loss programmes, fatigue and chronic fatigue, IBS symptoms, arthritis and joint discomfort, to enhancing general health and athletic performance.



  • Business Science Degree (BSc) with Honours
  • I.T.E.C. Tutor in Diet and Nutrition
  • I.O.N. (Institute for Optimum Nutrition)