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“For years I had been plagued with injuries from different types of exercise. I’ve been attending Stewart’s classes for 10 years and I’m now so flexible and suffer from far fewer problems than other women of my age.

If someone was to tell me tomorrow I had to stop pilates, I don’t know what I would do. Without Stewart’s help, I truly believe I would have trouble with pain and postural problems.

Stewart’s classes have that edge – we have a laugh and a good time every class.

Thank you Stewart”

Nid (Aged 51)

I started Pilates, with Stewart, following a recommendation from my Physiotherapist.

I had a chronic back and sacroiliac problem , an arthritic hip, poor core stability and a long term tendency to favour my left side. I was considering a hip resurfacing operation and had given myself a year to reach that decision whilst working on improving my body fitness.

There is no doubt that Pilates has improved my core stability, posture and general awareness of my body; I went into the hip operation at an advantage and was allowed to return to the sessions about 3 months post op.

Pilates has played an important part in my rehabilitation and recovery. It is now 8 months since the operation and I am about 90% back to my previous fitness with the added advantage of an improved hip.

The classes are fun and well run with a tutor who clearly is an expert in his field. The small size of the classes means that an individual approach is maintained with the exercises being adapted as required.

Attending these classes has been one of the best decisions I have made – Thank you Stewart.

Pippa Sage

I cannot recommend this studio enough! I suffer from cervical dystonia, a very painful movement disorder of the neck. Having researched high and low, I have managed to develop a strategy for managing my condition and which doesn’t involve taking medication. Apart from having deep tissue massage once a month, attending Pilates once a week has helped me manage the pain and gave me better control of my neck movement. Stewart has developed specific exercises for me which is great.! Thank you all at Bodysense!

Liana Booth


Dear Amber,

I have implemented the recommendations you made after my test in April and I can honestly say that the difference has been amazing.

I have gone from living in fear of a heart problem which my Doctor could not explain, to feeling on top of the world, which is not only great for me but it’s also a relief for my long suffering Wife, who has had to live with this apparent hypochondriac for seemingly years.

I dreaded having to eat goat’s and ewe’s cheese, it always sounded awful to me, but now I’m hooked on the stuff and it goes so well with sesame Ryvita.

The only things that I miss are wine and chocolate and perhaps tomatoes otherwise nothing. I will try them again in small doses after six months and if they are still problematic, who cares, if that’s what it takes to feel this great, bring it on.

So thank you very much for changing my life and I’m sure my Wife would like to thank you also.

If you would like to use this email as a recommendation, you are very welcome to do so.

Thanks again.
Best regards,

Mr M Hollis.

Dear Amber,

I came to see you at the ‘Retreat Open Day’ as I was passing by and at the end of my tether. I eat very healthily and do some exercise with the little energy I have.

For three and a half months, I have been feeling really unwell. My throat was closing up week by week and my peak flow was dropping (300-320). I wheezed 24 hours a day, woke myself up coughing and sweating, had eight doctors appointments, chest x-rays, a referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor (who said he wanted to take out my tonsils) and the strongest antibiotics from a chest doctor (who said I had tonsilitis and asthma). I’d taken steroids for asthma for three months and the purple and blue inhalers. Nothing was working.

They were at a loss, but never stopped plying me with medicine.

Then I met you. You told me I had a Sulphur Dioxide sensitivity through looking at wine, which we drink at dinner with friends. Stunned, I vowed not to drink wine for three months to detox.

In five days, I stopped wheezing and my peak flow has rocketed. I also took myself off the antibiotics as I noticed on the inhalers, that a main ingredient was SULPHUR DIOXIDE! Can you believe it, the medicine was making me worse.

I owe you so much gratitude and wish you every success in your business. You have made me better, when no doctor could, through a thirty minute appointment.