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Chartered Physiotherapist

Offering mobile Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy & Personal Training across Essex

Passionate about helping people improve their health, fitness and lifestyle to enhance their quality of life.

There are a number of Services available to help you manage your symptoms

Home Visits

If it is inconvenient for you to attend any of the locations available, or if you are in too much pain to leave the house, home visits are also available. Please see Prices for details.


A thorough assessment will be undertaken to establish the cause of your symptoms and make a diagnosis, this will direct an individually tailored treatment plan for you.

Manual Therapy

This consists of various hands on treatment techniques, which aim to alleviate your pain, speed up recovery from an injury, and improve your function.

Sports Massage

This is a form of deep tissue massage which has many benefits. It aims to alleviate your pain, speed up recovery from an injury, increase range of movement and improve your function. Other benefits include improved performance and recovery from various sports and exercise.

Exercise Therapy

This is an effective way of managing many conditions. An exercise programme is individually tailored to meet your needs, which can be carried out with the physiotherapist and/or as a home exercise programme. This gives you an active involvement in your treatment and control over your condition.


These techniques can be very effective adjuncts to an overall treatment. They can help to support/protect an injured joint or muscle, reduce the load being exerted on a tendon, and assist in activating poorly functioning muscle groups.

Pain Management

This can be very useful in order to make progress in your rehabilitation as many conditions involve at least an element of pain. For this reason a Physiotherapist can help you understand why pain is present, how the body processes pain, and what you can do to manage their pain.

Relaxation Therapy

This is a great way of relieving pain, tension, stress and anxiety. All of which can slow down the recovery process which makes relaxation a great addition to a client’s treatment plan.

Personal Training

This is a service to support you with many fitness related goals including;
Health promotion, weight loss, toning, body building, specific sport related and nutrition